1. Build great saving habits
  2. Boost your confidence
  3. Make your money matter
  4. Keep your money safe
  5. Start or build your credit score
  1. Having savings helps give us all the peace of mind that if something unexpected comes up, you’re prepared. If you need a better way to save, Lending Circles can be your savings plan. It helps you set aside money every month.

  2. Feeling confident means walking into a bank with your head held high. With our online financial education courses, you’ll learn how to make the right choices for your family and help you meet your financial goals - either this month or five years down the road.

  3. With Lending Circles, you do good for yourself while also doing good for others. Being part of a Lending Circle means you help yourself and your neighbors save for education, prepare for emergencies and pay off debt - all while building a brighter future together.

  4. Participating in Lending Circles is a safe way to lend and borrow within a trusting community. We keep your information private and guarantee your money gets back to you, so everyone goes home happy.

  5. In today’s world, you need a credit history to do just about anything - turning on your electricity, renting an apartment or buying a car. Without a good credit score, everything costs more. Lending Circles gives you the opportunity to build your credit history so that you have better, more affordable choices.

“Now I can get a loan for school when I need it, and keep my future looking bright.”

Jesus, San Francisco, CA

“It's not just getting credit. It's about making confident financial decisions.”

Helen, San Francisco, CA

Because everyone deserves a chance for a brighter future

The Lending Circles program turns a common practice - lending and borrowing money with friends and family - into a powerful, credit-building activity. No one does it alone: that’s why we believe in the power of community.

Participants get a ZERO INTEREST social loan ranging from $500 to $2,000.

All loan payments are reported to credit bureaus. The average credit score increase for participants is 168 points.

Payments and deposits are sent directly to your checking account making it easy to keep up with payments.

Learn how to make your credit work for you with free, online financial education.

“Building credit helped me rent a safe place to call home.”

Helen, San Francisco, CA

Anything is possible with hard work and the right opportunity.

“Lending Circles is helping me reach my educational goals.”

Itzel, San Francisco, CA

How does it work?

All over the world, friends and family lend and borrow money together. With Lending Circles, this common practice gets even better. It’s safer and it helps you build credit.

10 x $100
Total $1,000

Most lending circles have 10 participants for a loan of $1,000. All participants make the same monthly loan payments ranging from $50 to $200.

  1. august
  2. september
  3. october
  4. november

The first month, one participant receives $1,000. And each month after that, the next borrower in line receives the loan until everyone gets a chance.

The Lending Circles Program

step by step

1. Apply

  • Fill out online application
  • Take financial education
  • Complete online survey

2. Join

  • Set loan amount and loan order
  • Sign loan documents

3. Participate

  • Payments reported to credit bureaus
  • Statements emailed monthly
  • Receive loan when it's your turn

“Saving money is like a new habit for me. I’m now used to setting aside a little each month.”

Junior, San Francisco, CA

With good credit, the sky's the limit for hardworking small business owners.

“My loan helped me invest in new equipment for my restaurant.”

Gloria, San Francisco, CA

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